Sunday, 15 December 2013


         Hi everyone! As you all know Nivea has a wide range of lip balms! Now i'm here to review the lastest addition to the range of lip balms from Nivea, The Fruity Shine Po-Pros
anate! Above is an image of this all new product.
        So here Iam to not bore you with all the claims made by Nivea but just share my personal experience and review about this lip balm.

        The packaging of the lip balm is absolutely beautiful, it is a dark red or you could probably call it a maroon shade. So anyways here goes my views on this product -
 *Gives a beautiful tinted natural looking light red
 *Glossy finish
 *Tastes damn good *_* :P
 *Affordable and worth the price
 *Gives lips a fresh look

 *Doesn't stay on for too long

    So that's how the Nivea Fruity Shine Pomegranate lip balm looks on lips! i personally love this product and would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a natural looking tinted lip balm that not only adds a glossy shine on your lups but also nourishes and cares for your lips!
     The cost of this product is 129rs. It's available at most of the shops that hav a cosmetic section. I got it at a Health and Glow outlet. Or you can even order it online!

Maybelline Colour Show - Blackcurrant Pop review!

Maybelline Colour Show
        A new range of nail colours which is available in 40 different shades. Yes,40! The colour show nail colours come in a cute little glass bottle with a soft brush applicator.

                          Today I'm reviewing Colour Show Black Currant Pop (402).

     My views about Black Currant Pop -
        Black Currant Pop is the very first colour that i bought from the Colour Show range. And there isn't one moment that i regretted getting this colour. It is such a beautiful colour, aort of like a pastel purple. I personally love pastel colours. So if you are person who likes pastel as well then this is one colour that you must get!
      Application -
          A single coat is just isn't enough to see the true colour of this product. It just takes approximately 2 minutes for the single coat to dry and once it's dry enough a second coat should be applied to get the glossy finish of this stunning colour! The colour stays on for 4 - 5 days!


        The cost of this nail polish is INR.75. I got it in one of the Health and Glow outlets. But one can find it most of the shops that have a cosmetic section.
 Pros -
  *Comparitively cheap!!
  *Gives a glossy finish
  *Dries real quick
  *Handy (easy to store,doesn't take up much space)
  *Easy availability

   * and none!
           I highly recommend this shade in the Maybelline Colour Show range! I'll be reviewing on more of the Colour Show shades soon.